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Taking Interesting Photos with a Coleman Waterproof Camera

posted by CO-at-Home 6:22 PM
Friday, May 29, 2015

I do photography for my college newspaper and I primarily take pictures of sporting events, which is something that I hope to base my career around when I graduate because it’s something that I’ve proven to be very good at. In particular, I’m good at getting shots that many people would not think of getting.

For instance, when I was taking pictures of a swimming competition, I opted to take some underwater photos with my Coleman waterproof camera. I figured that it would provide me with more interesting photographs than whatever I would be able to capture from above the water.

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The Reason I Use a Nikon CoolPix L330

posted by CO-at-Home 1:14 PM
Monday, May 4, 2015

As someone with a genuine interest in the art of photography, I’ll never be fully satisfied taking pictures with a smartphone, which simply doesn’t offer the quality that you can achieve with an actual camera. I’m the type of person that really commits to a hobby and for me, that means getting a real camera for my photography.

The camera that I tend to use is a Nikon CoolPix L330. It’s got a lot of excellent features and it’s great for taking digital pictures. Though I may not take pictures with my phone, I still like to take digital pictures because you can simply access your photos faster than you would be able to otherwise.

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Better Pictures Thanks to the Olloclip Lens

posted by CO-at-Home 4:37 PM
Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Although the cameras on our smartphones these days are much better than the cameras that any phones have had in the past, they still don’t quite hold a candle to having an actual professional camera. They simply lack many of the options that come along with having an actual lens available to you.

However, these days, there are even ways to remedy this problem. With something like an Olloclip lens, you can add an attachment to your phone that effectively gives you a better lens to take pictures with on your phone. You can ensure that your photos are much higher quality thanks to a lens like this.

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A PCI Express Card Allows Different Connectivity for Computers

posted by CO-at-Home 7:34 PM
Friday, March 20, 2015

One of the most annoying things about laptops is that some of these laptops do not attach easily to all of the devices that you might want to use with them. Since so many laptops do not even come with a disk drive it is not really that surprising that many of them are also missing different items that would make it so that they can connect to older devices. This pushes people to buy newer things.

Since I don’t always want to buy something brand new just because my laptop or my computer can’t attach to it anymore, I will make adaptions to the computer to make this possible. I will add a PCI express card or something like this to make it so that my computer has all of the connections that I want it to have for my devices.

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Discount Digital Cameras

posted by CO-at-Home 8:32 AM
Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Remember when digital cameras first came out? I don’t want to be nostalgic, but I remember when they first were introduced on the market and people were so excited by this new technology. It was one of those innovations you knew would make a lasting impression and change the way we viewed everything.

And now with foresight, I could say that it has.  They were so expensive when they first came out, but now old ones are given away as door prizes.  New discount digital cameras are incredibly affordable and many have a long list of state-of-the-art features. Now that cameras are so affordable, you can get accessories like a digital camera stabilizer, carrying case and extra lens with the money you save.

Make My Own Indies

posted by CO-at-Home 6:27 PM
Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Despite majoring in microbiology in college, my first passion is filmmaking. And although my schedule was chockfull of labs and technical courses, I was able to carve out some time to take some filming classes. I know I will probably never use the knowledge I gleaned in these classes professionally, but they were some of the most enjoyable of my academic career.

My crowning achievement in filmmaking was a short I made starring my roommate. He was an incredibly unusual person, so for an entire day I followed him around with my camera stabilizing system. After editing the footage and adding a soundtrack, I was able to create a representative microcosm of college life. The film didn’t win any Oscars, but it was chosen as one of the top student films of the year and shown at a local film festival.

Glidecam X-10 Plates

posted by admin 11:17 AM
Friday, September 24, 2010

Included in the Glidecam X-10 package are plates used to add weight when your camera is too light.  A  Glidecam camera stabilizer rig that is heavier will fly much smoother so adding larger disks on the bottom of the sled needs the extra weight on the top. These plates are added to the top of the rig to compensate for the weight added on the bottom. These plates are not necessary in all situations various bolts are to be used as camera screws when you’ve added the plates. The plates will create height so longer screws will be needed. Balancing instructions and setup comes with your camera stabilization system. One one of the best articles I have found on this subject is by Hank Castello that is short and easy to read..

Camra Stabilizer And Shaky Video

posted by admin 12:32 PM
Thursday, September 23, 2010

How do you turn a your shaky video footage into a smooth fluid video. In post production your shaky video can be stabilized but at a price. By smoothing out the video your quality is downgraded somewhat. Products such as Adobe after effects will handle this problem very well. Still the best solution is not to have any shaky footage right from the start.Video camera stabilization systems are the best solution. Today we have many stabilizers to choose from, for every budget. If you find your videography can benefit from a moving camera a camera stabilization system it is time to get comfortable using a stabilizer system. A camera stabilization system will give you the edge as a video professional and enthusiasts.

Aspiring Steadicam Instructional Videos

posted by admin 8:36 AM
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Steadicam DVD-2000 EEP Instructional DVD is the perfect choice training DVD for the Steadicam. This DVD contains the basics of using the Steadicam and many useful tips on how to operate the Steadicam rig. Ted Churchill and Jerry Holway narrate and demonstrate the basic and advanced techniques and exercises and concepts. Both are Master Steadicam teachers. As well the Steadicam LIT-900000 The Steadicam Operator’s Handbook is available, the most versatile tool for moving a motion picture or video camera. Other suggestions for good reading Moviemaking Course: Principles, Practice And Techniques and Mfr #: 0240516141Digital Cinematography Step-By-Step Guide. These books are good guides for aspiring cinematographers.

Camcorder With Interchangeable Lenses

posted by admin 4:57 PM
Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The problem with consumer video cameras you can not add lenses. Sony has come out with the Sony NEX-VG10 a consumer camcorder to have interchangeable lenses. For a consumer camcorders, this will be the first step from which video cameras will improve. This small light weight camera weighs about 1 pound 5 ounces. When adding lenses the weight increases substantially had is not has well balanced. Using with a video camera stabilization system  make sure to take in account the weight of your choice of lenses. This is not a prosumer product, and is not aimed at that market, though the camera could potentially be used as a backup to shoot B-roll footage. Overall, this is among the best consumer camcorders released to date. Wedding and event videographers could make good use of this camera, as the different lenses can add a lot of flexibility and variety to their video-making process. If you want more control over your frame rate and require progressive shooting a DSLR as a low-cost video option.

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